Student Billing Services

Institutional Loan Programs

The University offers a variety of Institutional student loans to eligible students. To learn more about applicant/borrower requirements, the application process and loan specifics, select the name of the loan program(s) in the matrix below.

Please refer to the information below for each type of loan that you plan to borrow. Current borrowers can also review their promissory note for additional Terms and Conditions.


Borrower Criteria

Loan Information

* Entrance Counseling

* Exit Counseling

University Bar Study Loan

Graduating “3L” Law students

Grace Period: 7 months
Interest Rate: 8%
Repayment Term: 30 months

Not Required


CalSWEC Title IV-E Stipend Program

Graduate social work students planning to practice in the field of child welfare.

Grace Period: 4 months
Interest Rate: 5%
Repayment Term: 60 months

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholars Repayable Scholarship

Undergraduates planning to teach in a high-need school district

Grace Period: 12 months
Interest Rate: 6.8%
Repayment Term: 84 months

Shih Student Loan

International students

Grace Period: 6 months
Interest Rate: 5%
Repayment Term: 60 months

Summer Sessions Loan

Students enrolled in at least 6 units in Summer Session at UC Berkeley, who meet eligibility requirements for financial aid and the Middle Class Access Plan (MCAP) award

Grace Period: 9 months
Interest Rate: 5%
Repayment Term: 60 months


Woodworth Student Loan

Students pursuing entomology degree

Grace Period: 9 months
Interest Rate: 0%
Repayment Term: 120 months

Not Required

* Allow 15-20 minutes to complete the counseling. Be prepared to provide the address and phone number for two (2) references. When prompted, select “Institutional Loans” to review information on loans selected for this academic year.

Entrance Loan Counseling:

For students offered an Institutional student loan, the Entrance Loan Counseling may be a requirement. While not all Institutional student loans require completion of Entrance Loan Counseling prior to loan disbursement, we think it is a good idea for all borrowers to receive the benefits of this counseling! To complete the Entrance Loan Counseling, simply click on the “Online entrance counseling” link in the matrix above.

The Entrance Loan Counseling gives you the opportunity to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a recipient of an Institutional student loan. Likewise, it gives you the chance to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan and to seek answers to any questions you might have before incurring a debt. 

As you begin the loan process, we recommend that you create a loan file for your personal recordkeeping.  Place a copy of the completed Entrance form in your file along with copies of your promissory notes and other loan information. Use this file to store future materials, documents and correspondence related to your Institutional student loans.

Exit Loan Counseling:

The Exit Loan Counseling is required for all Institutional student loan programs and should be completed before you leave the University. This is an opportunity to remind yourself of your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. In turn, you must provide your lender, UC Berkeley, with certain information about your plans after you leave school (for example, your current address, your expected employer, two personal references, etc.).

Completing the Exit requirement is only one step in keeping your loans in good standing. Remember that student loan indebtedness may be reported to credit agencies. Until your loan is paid in full, you should continue to communicate with UC Berkeley or our loan servicer regarding any changes in your address, school enrollment status or questions about making repayment.

Billing Contact Information:

Billing Servicer: Heartland ECSI

Lender: UC Berkeley
Billing & Payment Services
2195 Hearst Ave, Ste 120
MC #1111
Berkeley, CA 94720-1111
(510) 642-2157