Student Billing Services

Fee Payment Plan (FPP)





The Fee Payment Plan (FPP) allows for qualified registration fees to be paid in five monthly installments. For current registration fee amounts, visit the Registrar's web site. FPP enrollment is established on a per semester basis, not an academic year.

When you enroll in the FPP, you will be required to pay a non-refundable participation fee of $60*. The non-refundable FPP participation fee will be due with the first installment.

*Fee - subject to change (per semester)


How to Enroll in FPP:

  1. Select the Plan
  2. Review the Installments
  3. Complete the Agreement
  4. Review and Save the Installment Schedule
  5. Submit your first payment

Note: FPP enrollment is established on a per semester basis, not on an academic year.

Deadline to Enroll in FPP:

Installments Spring 2019 Term Fall 2019 Term
First Installment
Payment in Full
01/18/2019 08/23/2019
Second Installment 02/18/2019 09/23/2019
Third Installment 03/21/2019 10/24/2019
Fourth Installment

04/18/2019 11/23/2019
Fifth Installment 05/19/2019 12/24/2019


Fees and Programs eligible for the Fee Payment Plan include:

Fees and Programs not eligible for the Fee Payment Plan:


Can someone other than the student activate FPP?

No. Only a student can activate the plan through Cal Central. While a student may give a parent/other person delegate access to view financials and pay bills, only the student can activate the plan.

Do I need to make a payment to activate the plan?

No. After activating FPP you must pay an amount equal to the first installment by the Friday prior to instruction to avoid cancellation. If a payment is made before the FPP is activated, FPP will recalculate based on the new principal balance due and the 1st installment payment is still required. 

I have partial financial aid and want to be on the payment plan. Do I need to make a payment to activate the plan?

Payment will not be required to activate the FPP.  

Aid will reduce the balance; FPP will recalculate based on the new balance and installments (still 5) will adjust accordingly. 

I mail in my payment. Can someone at UC Berkeley activate the plan for me?

No. In order to participate in the FPP, you must complete the process online. 

What happens if I don’t pay my installment by the due date?

If you do not make payment according to the due dates outlined in your Installment Schedule, you may incur late fees and have a block placed on your account.

Is the FPP participation fee refundable?

No. You will be charged a non-refundable $60 fee to participate in the FPP.

Can I set up the FPP for the whole academic year?

You can enroll in the FPP at the beginning of each term. You are not able to enroll for the full academic year. See the “Enrollment” section for details.

How do I cancel the FPP once enrolled?

If you decide you no longer wish to make installment payments under the FPP, simply make a lump sum payment for the remaining balance. This will fulfill the repayment agreement and the FPP will be complete for that term. NOTE: The $60 participation fee will not be refunded.