Student Billing Services

e-Bill – Paying by e-Check

To begin, access e-Bill.

Pay by E-check

Select [Statement Summary] from the main menu

  • Click on [Pay Now]
  • Enter the amount for payment.

A $0.50 convenience fee will be charged. This convenience fee will be deducted from your bank account. It will not be charged or posted in CARS.

If you have stored bank account information in your profile, select the account you wish to use for the payment.

If you have not stored bank account information, select Checking Account or Savings Account.

Entering Bank Account Information

  • Enter your bank account information in the expanded screen.*
  • Enter an Account Nickname only if you wish to save the bank account information to your profile.
  • Click the checkbox checkboxto agree
  • Click [Submit]. The response may take several seconds. Do not click [Submit] more than once.
  • An acknowledgement of payment will display and an e-mail confirmation will be sent.

Notes on Bank Account Information

Payments will be processed as Web-ACH transactions. Checks drawn on investment accounts, equity lines, credit card accounts and some credit unions are not eligible. Please confirm the correct configuration for the routing number and bank account number with your financial institution.

The Routing/Transit number will be validated by the system upon entry. The bank account number cannot be confirmed until a payment is submitted.  If the bank account number is entered incorrectly, the payment will reject and a processing fee will be accessed. Please ensure the accuracy of the bank account information.