Student Billing Services

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I authorize my parent / other payer to view and discuss my account with UCB?

Note: Parents/other payers must be authorized by the student in CalCentral. Once authorized as a delegate in CalCentral, the parent/other payer will be able to make payment on the student account. Allow 24 hours for access to the payment portal. Federal regulations and campus policy prohibit the release of information to a third party without student authorization. If you would like to grant authorization to release account information to a third party (eg., your parents or spouse), students initiate this through CalCentral. For more information refer to the online instruction guide.

See the campus policy on disclosure of student record information.

Do I need to give my parents (or other third party) authorization to discuss my account with UCB?

Federal regulations and campus policy prohibit the release of information to a third party without student authorization. If you would like to grant authorization to discuss and release account information to a third-party (e.g., your parents or spouse), please complete the Grant Access FERPA Release on If you need assistance, contact Cal Student Central located at 120 Sproul Hall or 510-664-9181.
See the campus policy on disclosure of student record information (pdf).

I was authorized as a delegate but I still cannot make an online payment. What should I do?

Important: To make payment for Fall 2016, students must authorize delegates through CalCentral. If you were authorized to make payment for a CARS account for previous terms, you must be reauthorized for Fall 2016.

Once delegate access has been initiated by the student and accepted by the delegate, please allow 24 hours for access to the payment portal.

If after 24 hours you still are unable to make an online payment, contact Cal Student Central at 510-664-9181 or open a case online by visiting Cal Student Central.

How do I make payment with my 529 Plan?

Contact your 529 Plan administrator in order to initiate the payment process. Payments should be sent to the address listed on our website under Check Payment Options.

How do I change the payment amount when submitting an online payment?

You are able to pay the full balance due or a lesser amount through an online payment. Follow the simple payment instructions on our website to change the amount.

How do I see if the payment I submitted has posted to my student account?

To see if your payment has posted to your student account, log in to CalCentral and click on My Finances. Under the Billing Summary for the appropriate term, click on Details. In this view you can see your current Balance or filter for All Transactions to see charges and payments.

How will my payment apply to my student account?

Payments on your student account will always apply in order of due date, the oldest charge first. If multiple charges on your student account have the same due date, payments will apply to your tuition and fees first. Payments cannot be targeted to pay a specific charge.

When will I be assessed late fees on my student account?

Late fees will be charged when your student account becomes 30 days past due. Due dates are displayed in CalCentral My Finances tab in the Billing Summary - Details to help you keep your student account current.

Will I be charged a fee if my check or electronic check (ACH) is returned unpaid by the bank?

Yes. Checks and electronic checks (ACH) that are returned by your bank for any reason are subject to a Returned Payment Fee of $25. When entering bank account and routing information online, verify the information you have entered to ensure the item is not returned by your bank.

I enrolled in the Fee Payment Plan last semester. Do I need to enroll in the plan each semester?

Yes. You must enroll in the Fee Payment Plan each fall and spring semester. The option to pay in installments is not available for Summer Session and for some programs. To learn more about this payment option, visit the Fee Payment Plan page.

I am being billed for student health insurance. How can I waive out of it?

All students are billed for health insurance. Students wishing to waive out of health insurance must submit a waiver each academic year. Deadlines to submit your waiver can be found on the website, click on ‘Insurance’ and then click on ‘Waiving SHIP’. Questions related to this fee should be referred to the Student Health Insurance Office at 510-642-5700.

Why do I have a $10.00 CalPIRG fee on my account?

Students who voluntarily pledge to support CalPIRG (California Student Public Interest Research Group, Inc.) are billed this fee to their account. The fee is billed each semester until the student contacts CalPIRG to withdraw their support. Questions related to this fee should be referred to the CalPIRG office via email at

Why is there a "Telecom" charge on my account?

The campus provides students who live in residence halls, Manville and International House with access to a land telephone line. The basic charge for this line is required in the terms and conditions of your housing contract, whether or not the line is used. The fee is billed each semester.

The charges on my account were paid at the beginning of the semester with financial aid or with personal payment. Why am I receiving a statement now?

There are several reasons why new charges may appear on your account. If you have questions regarding charges appearing on your account, please contact Cal Student Central. You can visit Cal Student Central online to open a case, locate operating hours, or you can contact a counselor by calling 510-664-9181.

How do I pay my bill using an outside agency scholarship?

Submit the check to the Financial Aid Office. They will process the scholarship as a credit to your account. Allow 3-6 weeks for processing.

Why do I have a block on my account?

Look on CalCentral and contact the office blocking your account. You can still enroll in classes, but you will not be considered registered until the block is resolved.