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A third-party organization may sponsor a student’s enrollment by committing to paying a student's mandatory tuition and registration fees. Most organizations will grant the sponsorships through an application process. Once the student recipients are identified, the organization will send the funds to the school along with award processing instructions. Outside awards for undergraduates should be sent to the Financial Aid Office; graduate student awards are handled by Graduate Division.

If the organization requires that they be invoiced directly before issuing payment, the student may request that the campus accept a Third Party Contract. The Billing and Payment Services Office (BPS) coordinates Third Party Contracts (TPC).

BPS does not assist students with identifying a sponsor. Students seeking financial assistance should contact Cal Student Central for guidance on researching options for educational funding.

Eligibility for TPC

A Third Party Contract may be granted if the sponsoring agency:
  • Will sponsor all or most of the student’s mandatory tuition and fees
  • Requires an invoice to be issued in their name before disbursing payment
  • Will send payment directly to UC Berkeley
A student’s account is not eligible for a TPC if:
  • The sponsor’s payments will be sent directly to the student
  • Only proof of enrollment or a copy of the student’s bill is required
  • The sponsorship is for living, travel or miscellaneous academic expenses (i.e., books, supplies)
  • The third party is a UC Berkeley department, a family member or a personal/family-owned business


How to Enroll

To initiate the Third Party Contract (TPC) process:

  • The sponsoring agency provides an authorization letter to the student and/or directly to Billing and Payment Services
  • The letter must indicate the fees that will be paid in support of the student and for which terms and/or academic year(s) the support will apply
  • Based on the level of support outlined in the letter (i.e. dollar limits, semester restrictions, fee types, etc.) Billing and Payment Services processes a conditional credit to pay registration/tuition fees on the student’s account

Authorization Letters

Authorization letters must be on the organization’s letterhead and include the following information in order to be processed:
  1. Student’s full first and last name
  2. 8-digit or 10-digit student ID number
  3. Dollar amount of sponsorship per semester
  4. Duration: which academic years or semesters will the sponsor pay?
  5. Restrictions: specific fees that will NOT be covered (ex: Health Insurance, Document Management Fee, Class Pass Fee). For Information about current Registration Fees see the Office of The Registrar website.
  6. Organization’s name, billing address, and email address for invoice submission
  7. Contact information for an authorized sponsor representative (name, phone number, email, and fax) 
  8. Signature of authorized sponsor representative

NOTE: Please be as specific as possible when submitting the authorization letter as they will be interpreted with the literal references written on them.

For example, if the authorization letter states that a student is sponsored for “the entire academic year”, we will administer an award for every semester in the academic year including the summer term.

If there are multiple students receiving sponsorship from the agency, a list may be submitted on a single authorization letter provided the terms of the agreement are the same for all students. If the terms are different for any student, then a separate authorization letter must be provided for that individual.

Once the authorization letter has been received and processed by Billing and Payment Services a conditional credit will be placed on the student’s account. A conditional credit on the student’s account does not signify that payment by the sponsor was received. NOTE: Authorization letters for 529 Plans will be processed after the add/drop period.

*Acceptance of the contract agreement is at the discretion of UC Berkeley

Qualifying Fees

Mandatory tuition and fees that may be included in a TPC are:
  • Berkeley Campus Fee
  • Class Pass Transit Fee
  • Document Management Fee
  • Health Insurance Program Fee
  • Student Services Fee
  • Nonresident Supplemental Tuition
  • Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition Fee
  • Tuition

Contract Submission Deadlines

Third Party Contract (TPC) authorization letters are due prior to or within the current term. Any letter submitted after the term has ended will not be retroactively granted. Please see the Academic Calendar for term dates.

Invoicing and Payments


After the final add/drop deadline, UC Berkeley will invoice the sponsoring agency. For more information, see on the Office of The Registrar website. Invoices will be submitted to the sponsoring organization via email.


Payment by the sponsoring agency is due immediately upon receipt of the invoice.  Sponsoring agencies may mail check payments or pay via wire transfers:

A. Pay via check:

  1. Payments by check must be issued in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.
  2. Make checks payable to UC Regents.
  3. Include the Student ID number on the memo line of the check plus the invoice number found on the invoice provided to agency.
  4. Mail check to: Payment Services, 2195 Hearst Ave, MC #1111, Berkeley, CA 94720-1111

B. Wire transfers are accepted for international payments. Please note that our bank may charge a small fee to receive the funds via wire transfer. Below is the information to provide to your bank: (note: click below image to enlarge)

Note: To ensure timely posting of payments, it is important that key information pertaining to the student is included with the wire, specifically the invoice number, student’s first and last name and/or Student ID number.

Sponsoring Agency’s Failure to Pay in Full/Submission of a Partial Payment

Once the payment is received by UC Berkeley, it will be applied to the sponsoring agency’s account. Should a sponsoring agency fail to remit payment in full, charges will revert to the student’s account for the balance not paid.

The university reserves the right to revoke partnerships with sponsoring agencies that are delinquent in paying their invoices.

Student Confidentiality & Responsibility

It is the policy of the university to protect our students’ right to confidentiality per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). By participating in the Third Party Contract Program, you grant authorization to the University to release to your sponsoring agency information pertaining to assessed tuition and registration fees, financial aid and enrollment.

The FERPA release authorization is in effect for the semester’s covered by the Third Party Contract.

Students have certain responsibilities when participating in the Third Party Contract Program. Student responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Providing sponsoring agency with required transcripts, class enrollments and grades
  • Providing a valid authorization letter from their sponsor prior to the tuition due date
  • Renewing their period of sponsorship and providing updated authorization when needed
  • Paying any balance not covered by their sponsoring agency
  • Paying related penalties that result from sponsoring agency’s non-payment
  • Clearing financial holds that may withhold grades or prohibit enrollment activity, obtaining diploma or transcripts 
  • Informing the university of any changes in sponsorship coverage or agency contact information

Our Contact Information

To submit authorization letters or for sponsorship inquiries:
  • Email:, subject line: Sponsor Billing. (If known, please include the Student ID number).
  • Fax: 510-643-0989, Attention: TPC Support
  • Mailing address: ATTN: TPC Support, 2195 Hearst Ave, MC #1111, Berkeley, CA 94720-1111

All other non-sponsored related questions may be directed to Cal Student Central at 510-664-9181.