Student Billing Services

About Direct Deposit

Which student payments are eligible for Direct Deposit?

How will the money be deposited to my bank account?

The funds will be transferred electronically. Direct deposit is fast, convenient, safe, and reliable.

How soon will my direct deposit start?

After you submit your bank information, direct deposit will be activated within 7 business days. Once set-up, refunds will continue to go to your designated bank account until you either cancel your authorization or edit your bank account information online.

How will I know when my money was sent to the bank?

You will be notified by e-mail one business day before each deposit is sent to the bank. With a quick call to your bank you can easily verify the deposit of funds into your account.

Are there any reasons the money would not be deposited to the bank?

If you close your bank account, the transfer will not go automatically to a new account. To avoid the disruption of direct deposits, you must update your bank account information through the Direct Deposit website 7 business days prior to closing your bank account.

What else do I need to know?