Frequently Asked Questions - Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

If I enroll in Direct Deposit, does this give the university authorization to debit my account?

No. Enrolling in Direct Deposit only allows the university to directly deposit your refunds into your bank account.

Which student payments are eligible for Direct Deposit?

  • Refunds, graduate student stipends, and any non-payroll university payments to students (except Emergency Loan checks) can be directly deposited to your bank account
  • Some outside agency payments may be processed via direct deposit, while some may not
  • Student employees can have their paychecks deposited automatically to their bank account each payday. Please contact your hiring department for a special form and more information

How will the money be deposited to my bank account?

The money will be deposited electronically. Direct deposit is fast, convenient, safe, and reliable.

How soon will my direct deposit start?

After you submit your bank information, direct deposit will be activated within 7 business days. Once set up, refunds will continue to go to your designated bank account until you either cancel your authorization or edit your bank account information online.

How will I know when the money has been sent to my bank?

You will be notified via e-mail one business day before each deposit is sent to the bank. Please check with your bank to verify the deposit of the funds into your account.

Are there any reasons why the money would not be deposited to my bank?

If you close your bank account, the transfer will not automatically go to a new account. To avoid the disruption of direct deposits, you must update your bank account information through the Direct Deposit website 7 business days prior to closing your bank account.

What else do I need to know?

  • If you do not have direct deposit, a paper check will be mailed to your local address within 10 business days
    • Please make sure you review and update your local address information in Cal Central
  • You may cancel your direct deposit authorization at any time through the Direct Deposit website
  • All funds must be deposited to an account in your name
  • The bank you designate to receive your direct deposit must be in the United States
  • We cannot issue deposits to accounts held at investment firms
  • If you receive funds you are not entitled to, you will be billed for repayment