Frequently Asked Questions - General Payments

General Payments

How do I check if the payment I submitted has posted to my student account?

To check if your payment has posted to your student account, log in to CalCentral and click the 'My Finances' tab. Under the 'Billing Summary' section, click the 'View Transactions' button. In this view, click the 'Payments and Aid' tab to see all payments posted to your student account.

How do I pay my bill using an outside agency scholarship?

If you would like to pay your bill using an outside agency scholarship, please submit the check to the Financial Aid Office. They will process the scholarship as a credit to your account. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for processing.

How will my payment apply to my student account?

Payments on your student account will always apply in the order of due date, with the oldest charge first. If multiple charges on your student account have the same due date, payments will apply to your tuition and fees first. Payments cannot be targeted to pay a specific charge.

How do I change the payment amount when submitting an online payment?

You are able to pay the full balance due or a lesser amount through an online payment. For assistance, please see the instructions for Editing the Dollar Amount of your Online Payment.

How do I make a payment with my 529 Plan?

Coming in Spring 2021, students and delegates will have the option to pay their charges electronically via their 529 College Savings Plan. A $10.00 non-refundable convenience fee will apply to electronic 529 payments. Please see the list of participating 529 College Savings Plans that are available for use with Transact payments.

If your plan is not listed, please contact your 529 Plan administrator in order to initiate the payment process.

Check payments should be sent to the address listed on the Check Payments page.