Registration and Administrative Holds

Effective March 1999; Updated August 2021

When a student has failed to meet his or her financial obligations to the university, including unpaid fees totaling $100 or more, 60 days past due Billing and Payment Services is authorized under the Campus Policy on Student Registration Blocks to place a hold on a student's registration and diploma until the financial obligation is satisfied.


Except where required by extraordinary circumstances, Billing and Payment Services must provide the student at least ten (10) working days notice of the impending hold and the reasons for such action. Such written notice shall be sent to the student's most recent known address and must contain:

  • A notification that the student has the right to request in writing a hearing in advance of the imposition of the hold for the purpose of disputing the claimed obligation; and
  • A notification that the student has the right to be represented, to present information and witnesses, and to question the information relied upon by the university

Written requests should be addressed to:

University of California, Berkeley
Billing and Payment Services
2610 Channing Way Rm 228 MC#1111
Berkeley, CA 94720


All hearings concerning disputed financial obligations shall be conducted informally by Billing and Payment Services, and should provide ample opportunity for the student to present his or her position regarding the disputed obligation. Within five (5) working days of the hearing, Billing and Payment Services shall issue a written report of their findings, which shall include their determination in the case and, if the student's challenge to the imposition of the hold is not upheld, a notification that the student has the right to appeal the outcome to the Office of the Registrar.