Delinquent Accounts

You are responsible for monitoring charges on your student account and ensuring that payments are made in a timely manner. Please note that charges on your student account may have different due dates. Do not assume all charges are due at the same time.

To view new charges and the most recent information on your account, please refer to the 'My Finances' page in CalCentral.

If your account becomes delinquent, a block may be placed on your student account that can affect registration in future terms.

Additionally, students who are no longer enrolled in the university and who have a past due balance may face additional collection action including placement with the California Franchise Tax Board and with collection agencies. Student accounts placed with a collection agency may be reported to one or more credit bureaus without further notification. Once referred to a collection agency, you will be referred to that agency for payment arrangements.

Payments made to your student account will apply to the oldest charges first. If you have past due charges, payments will apply to these charges and will not be redirected to pay newer charges.

Please visit the Office of the Registrar website to learn how this relates to the Cancel for Non-Payment Policy.